The Ilkay Journey
Why our towels are different
Originally from Turkey, but has lived and worked in the UK for over 20 years with a background in textiles and import/export.  A spark of an idea came to her one day when reflecting on how much time we spend at home and how much we should enjoy that.  Everyone knows Egyptian Cotton but Turkish Cotton is of much superior quality.  The search for the right product began...
With 20 years experience in commercial cyber security, he was excited to join the search with Ilkay during lockdown. He soon found his new love for 100% Turkish Cotton and is passionate  about bringing affordable luxury to people's homes.
Ilkay and Simon spent months searching for the right supplier, using Ilkay's contacts in the textile industry and checking credentials with suppliers -  they received samples from all over Turkey!  Finally, after testing with family and friends (Covid safe!), they found the one!  All the way from Denizli, near Pamukkale (meaning cotton castle in Turkish), an ancient Spa town. It is a natural site in Southwestern Turkey, famous for a carbonated mineral left by the flowing water. Legend has it that the formations are solidified cotton which is the main crop in Denizli.
Cotton Power
But why Turkish Cotton is the question Ilkay is often asked when we are all so aware of Egyptian Cotton - what is the difference?
She explains; fibres of the cotton are longer and grown exclusively in the Aegean region.  Long fibres mean they are softer than regular cotton and crafted with more care from ancient cotton, which spins into strong and soft threads.
The result is much superior quality, extremely durable, long-lasting and highly absorbent towels.
Bringing It Home

On the 16th September 2020 we made our way to Denizli to check the production and samples and view our brand new logo in place on the product.  We want the logo to reflect the colours of Pamukkale and the warmth of Turkish Cotton.  The product arrived in the UK in the middle of October and we are delighted to be bringing it to your home.


We hope you love the Ilkay Collection as much as we do and stay with us as we grow our business and bring more luxury to your home.